John, Bruce and… Frog

John and Yoko  



John and Yoko

Being engaged in a mixed couple isn’t a matter of skin colour or nationality, but a matter of cultural differences. In the daily life, these differences can really tear you apart – humour is the most immediate example a mixed couple would face. My French jokes will never match the Brit’s sarcastic humour of PZ, so forget the funny French comedies with my wife, dinners cracking private jokes with my old mates etc etc – So it’s either make or break. But if you make it, life is definitely richer by sharing and understanding your loved one’s culture and most of all by never making assumptions. What you like or understand might not be the case for your partner.

PZ and I have naturally chosen to speak English in our relationship (not my mother tongue), which obliges us to take care and pay attention to what we say, because of the risk of misunderstanding. It can really be tiring at the end of the day, but on the other hand it really encourages us to listen and to choose the right words at the right time: Very diplomatic indeed, I feel sometimes married to Kofi Annan!


Bruce Lee and Linda

Bruce Lee and Linda


A recent survey showed that divorces in mixed couples aren’t more frequent than for other couples. Today in France, 25% of couples aren’t from the same origin and that number increases with the next generation children of mixed couples. I believe that these children are rich because of the diversity in their genes.

Let’s hope the tolerance and understanding that is automatically part of their life and education will make this a better world.

(I should write songs!!)




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