The Pressure Cooker Test

kl-030Often you hear: “He’s a real jerk at the office, but a great husband at home.” I don’t buy that, I never did. I believe that you behave in business like you behave in your private life. For a short moment only, you may pretend to be someone else to your partners, clients, friends and family, but it won’t last very long until people feel there is something dodgy about you. I don’t have boundaries between home and work because I work with my wife and so the two worlds are the same. Before launching a venture together, I “watched” our behaviours at home because I was convinced that it would be pretty much the same in our business and created fun tests and analysis for our couple (note: The Car Trip Acid Test posted previously).

The second test in my series, PCT (Pressure Cooker Test) is about budget control, organising tasks and teamwork: a true nightmare if you can’t work as a couple!

Your mission is to cook together a three-course meal dinner, for six people (your boss, in-laws, clients, are good guests for pressure), with a limited budget of 40 euros (for EU zone it isn’t much), and 3 hours preparation (including shopping).

kl-025– What menu?

– Who will do what? (you must both cook)

– Where to buy good products for cheap price, not far from home?

After a good night sleep, take time for a real debriefing in the kitchen on what went well, bad and what needs to be improved:

1. If all went well, guests were happy and you enjoyed cooking and organising the dinner together: congratulations! You are ready to work together, start your BP straight away.

2. If organisation went okay but food tasted terrible, buy a good recipe book, start with easy dishes (eggs, pastas, toasts) and blame it on your mother-in-law who never taught your loved one to cook.

3. If everything went wrong (whether or not the food tasted good at the end), call your guests to say it was part of a stupid test and think twice before going to business together.

Redo the PCT as much as you want, as it will improve your cooking and do great PR for your couple.

Disclaimer: The author takes no responsibility for food poisoning or job loss.





5 thoughts on “The Pressure Cooker Test

  1. Love your blog ! It is not only funny and insightful, everything you say is so true !! Lady Zat, nice to see your picture! Good luck !

  2. Thank you “natalina” hehehe…. am happy you love our blog, please do stop by often!! hope all is well with you in AD! xx

  3. Haha, don’t blame on mother-in-law mate!! blame on cookery book missing out on ingredients!! otherwise mother-in-law will go on war path.
    Great write up and enjoy the two-some adventure.

  4. Dearest Zee, nothing personal in that post against faboooooooulllous mother in laws!
    My loved one knows how to cook great dishes (but very fattening).
    Any light recipes to share with us???

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