Perfect Partnership: working with your husband

Frog and I, if there is one thing remarkable, is our uncanny sense of being on the same track, be it politics, interests, leisure and now business. Not to say that we don’t disagree but we certainly share the same drive, passion, humour and excitement.  And that’s what drove us to launch a business together.

We build on each other’s ideas seamlessly, and eyes wide with a grin, it’s about being endlessly excited and having a deep respect for one another, despite the nagging underlying feeling that ‘business is business and there should be nothing personal’.

As my other half, Frog is the Visionary – he’s the one with the anything-is-possible attitude and the big dream. As for me, I am the Thinker, the one that immediately calculates and analyses the possibilities and its outcome, occasionally putting a slight dampener to Frog’s Vision. But together, Visionary and Thinker amazingly balance each other out despite being two extremes we share the same drive, on the same track towards our shared goal in a mutual respectful partnership. How often do you feel that with your boss at work? Aren’t there moments when you question why hierarchy and office politics do more damage than good and what is the point of it all?

Our story is the tale of the Rat and the Ox (which funnily enough reflect our Chinese horoscopes). The Rat (Frog) is the quick thinker, strategic and fast on its feet. The Rat exudes leadership quality, mental agility but a certain restlessness that comes with speed of thought and action. On the other hand, the Ox (me) is hardworking, confident, authoritative, and systematic but strong to pull all the weight on its shoulders.

With these two complementary skills in a strong partnership, business isn’t merely an end goal – it’s the step towards a horizon full of possibilities.  So if you’re thinking of finding that perfect partner (not necessarily of spousal status), then tally up your SWOT analysis and realise the more varying the skills in a partnership, the more enriching the experience.




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