Merci Paris

You could accuse me of having the wanderlust for the simple reason that I have never stayed in one place for too long. Living in vibrant cities like London, Paris, Barcelona, New York and KL, with career changes from hotel management, advertising to journalism and corporate communications – society would call me fickle and hardly reliable.

But each decisive factor that has occurred in my life has purposely led me to this amazing point where past experiences have greatly enriched me to the point that now I feel it’s time to put my ideas and energy into a life-changing venture, an entrepreneurship with my other half. I may be “Jack of all trades, Master of none”, but there are no regrets and plenty of anecdotes. I have met intriguing people, immersed in different cultures and tasted (oh yes) gorgeous food. I wouldn’t change that for anything.

Paris is the city where I truly found myself. An incredible city where romance and elegance plays out in the tiny cobbled streets to the leafy boulevards. Paris welcomed me with open arms and I was prey to her charms. But there was a darker side. Many at home feared my move to a foreign city.

Unemployment was at a record high so what were the chances for a non-European? Brushing aside all negative criticisms, I hung onto the hope and self-belief that anything could be possible if only I committed myself. Paris was my dream and nothing would stop me. The chance came when I was offered a fantastic opportunity in a leading CAC40 company with a Magna Cum Laude Master’s degree in my pocket. I had left behind a promising career opportunity at home for a dream, and it paid off – in spades.

As I turn to the next chapter, I say merci Paris and don’t let anyone turn you away from your dreams.




4 thoughts on “Merci Paris

  1. This is such a sweet post! I have to say merci Paris too- from grad school all the way to a trip to Malaysia- it was living in Paris that started our friendship! Continue to follow your dreams!

  2. Beautifully written! Well done Princess! I’m in a way almost in the same boat as u.

    I studied tourism, served the travel & tourism industry for 10 years, then I decided to try something new.

    I took up an intensive translation course, and have been freelancing for translation jobs ever since. Freelancing does not promise to pay your bills every month. A single mom like me can’t afford that. Therefore, I also had to work part-time in ad agencies as a Junior Copywriter (I aim to be like u…a Travel Writer…if only I have the chance and means to travel to places as often as u).

    Mid last year, I was offered a permanent job as the Manager of Audio Tour Service at KL Tower…basically managing the Customer Service unit as well as taking care of Customer Relations Management. And just last month, I was challenged to handle Marketing and Sponsorships… 🙂

    So yeah…we’re similar – Jill of all trade but master of none. But at least we experience doing different things, yeah? My past experiences have also enriched me – I’m now able to lead. I’m now able to make decisions. I’m now able to generate ideas. I’m now able to put good words on to printed materials 🙂

    Alhamdulillah. And PZ, all the best to u on this new venture.

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