Perfect Partnership: working with your wife

Working with your loved one: for some it’s the ultimate dream a couple could reach, for others it’s a true nightmare!

Well guess what? It is a bit of both and sometimes in the same day.

Yes, having your spouse for a business partner is highly comfortable. Through my various experiences as an entrepreneur since my early twenties, I have experienced many types of partnerships: The good friend that turns out to be your best enemy when money arrives (or leaves); the professional partner who was supposed to bring his expertise, contacts and skills but turns out to be a big lazy A…; the gentle and nice guy but too fearful always staying on the threshold and refuses to jump with you in the tandem skydiving that business is. Everything like that won’t happen with your wife. You already know her flaws, fears, skills, knowledge and most of all, you trust her, unconditionally.

So what about the nightmare? Well, it’s very simple: you work 24/7 with your spouse, that means that business and private life merge and become a scary golem monster who is now your newborn and untamed baby. Aaaahhh!!!!  The Balance sheet jumps into your bed at night, R&D is the main topic on your valentine’s romantic dinner and week ends look like any other day of the week.

Still enthusiastic with the idea of working as a couple?

Yes! Good. The adventure is definitely worth it. Welcome on board and follow the instructions that will come later…





8 thoughts on “Perfect Partnership: working with your wife

  1. How true , your spouse will be there with you in sickness and health, through the good times and bad, not so the business patner….. My husband has seen that I will always be there when others have jumped ship. However you are also right that work comes to the romantic meal, on holiday and to bed!!! I always joke that I am the business partner that has the added interest- I am the sleeping partner too! It is not not always easy working with your spouse but if you go in with your eyes open like you have done, great! Good luck. I will read with with interest.

  2. Hello Coco, glad you share your vision with us.
    I’m looking forward to meet u in Spore since my wife has spoken about u.
    Thanks and Good luck to you too.


  3. Dear Frog,

    Great blog! I work with my wife or more accurately for my wife. While it is more nightmarish for here, i think it is a great blessing to be able to work with your spouse.

    For me, we get to see our other half’s true color very early on in life. As oppose to couple who work on different careers and only have time to spend with each other on weekend. They tend to be very accomodating, until the day the RETIRE.

    Now they have a LOT more time together, and they suddenly feel that they do not know their spouse.That when trouble starts.

    Well, all the best to you both!


  4. Babes! Love your blog! But what is it that you are doing together? I can’t even begin to imagine working with jit – I would be left smoking and smouldering in a pile of ash haha! Bisous!

  5. Thanks dear! Actually it’s not as bad as what most would think – I really think it depends on personalities and temperaments. Obviously if we’re so different it would make things hard! But the great part is that we bring the best out of each other and we are confident of what the other can bring to the table. I CAN imagine you working with jit, lol. x

  6. Hello Frog & Princess,

    Looking forward to read more about how you guys work together. I see we do have lots in common. I have always been in business – having done at it alone, with a partner, with a couple of partners…and yes, we all do meet all sorts… Currently I am in business with my husband and like I told him many times, if we do not set some “US” time. ie not just being with each other for the purpose of running errands, or meeting people together, or talking about business development etc, or even to talk about my daughter, we may end up as just being best friends and business partners. I believe to work with your spouse as we see each other all the time day and night, we really need to spend some “date” time with each other and not talk about business or family but to just “be”. Do you get me ?

    ps. i hope my husband will read this message ;). Thanks for posting – its a reminder for me to check my diary and mark out a date.

    If you guys are ever in Singapore or when I am in KL – would love to meet up to know more about what you do and how we can support each other in business.

    Love, Murshidah

  7. Hi Murshidah,
    Many thanks for your comment and glad to see we share same thoughts! Look forward to meeting you one of these days.
    Best, PZ.

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